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Upgrade Your Advertising with our Free Whiteboard Animation App - Start on the Right Foot

Start on the Right Foot

You want your advertising to be attractive and convincing. If you’re unsure where to start, try to create an appealing whiteboard video. Our free whiteboard animation app features numerous professionally made templates that are suitable for any sector. There’s no need to worry that your ads will appear mass-produced as all templates can be fully customized to be the perfect fit for your business.

Make it Personal

The ideal ad reaches out to its target audience and convinces them that they need to have the product or service being advertised. One of the best ways to achieve this is to show the product being used and enjoyed. With many lifelike animated characters, our free whiteboard animation app lets you portray the unique experience your product or service can give. Make full use of them to create eye-catching whiteboard videos that will make viewers want to purchase your product so they can have a similar experience to the characters in your ads.

Upgrade Your Advertising with our Free Whiteboard Animation App - Make it Personal
Upgrade Your Advertising with our Free Whiteboard Animation App - Make Content Come Alive

Make Content Come Alive

No one wants to watch a simple display of images while someone talks about the item being advertised. Avoid boredom and obtain total viewer engagement by adding movement to your advertising. The free whiteboard animation app has hundreds of entrance, emphasis, and exit animation effects that will keep your audience entertained. Keep the anticipation levels high with diverting transitions between scenes.

Distribute with Ease

Your finished animated advertisement videos should be easy to share with your target audience. You did create it for that purpose after all. Our free whiteboard animation app makes ad distribution a breeze. You can export your video as an offline video in many formats.

Upgrade Your Advertising with our Free Whiteboard Animation App - Distribute with Ease

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Make it Yours

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Animate Everything

Enhance your ad with spectacular animation and transition effects.
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Share Everywhere

Export your animated advertisement vide easily and share on social media and other platforms.
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