Top 7 AI Video Makers: The Future of Video Creation

In today’s digital landscape, video content engages the audience more than text or images, which makes it a necessity for businesses. Having trouble crafting appealing videos to blow away the audience? It’s clear that AI is a game-changer in the future of video creation. A top-tier AI video maker not only generates compelling content but simplifies the process, serving as a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance the impact of video marketing. The article discusses the best 7 AI video makers that revolutionize your video creation experience. Check out the list below to explore.

1. Mango AI

Are you feeling anxious or shy when you have to record videos? Except for hiring an actor, Mango AI is definitely the best choice. You will find an extensive library of lifelike digital avatars and lively cartoon characters covering different ages, races, ethnicities, and professions. The cutting-edge AI cartoon video generator allows you to adjust the micro facial movement of these avatars and cartoon characters, making the video more interactive via non-verbal cues. Then select a preferred voice, and you are ready to enter your text. Within minutes, the free AI video generator produces a high-quality video that deeply resonates with your target audience. Another point worth mentioning is its comprehensive set of meticulously designed templates for all use cases, such as marketing, e-commerce, and corporate learning. Mango AI is a versatile AI animation generator to optimize video content and elevate your business to new heights.

2. Visla

Visla is an intuitive AI video generator that supports you in creating, recording, and editing videos — all in one platform. It provides you with several ways to start with, including describing an idea, typing scripts, pasting a webpage URL, and uploading a video. The input text can be in multiple languages, like Spanish, German, and Portuguese. The video created with the AI video maker comes with dynamic scenes and AI voice narration. Customize the video by swapping out footage, adding text overlays, and personalizing subtitles to fit your needs. In addition, the tool utilizes AI technology to refine your script and produce succinct topics that captivate the audience efficiently. Visla is great for teams and individuals to craft videos easily.

3. Colossyan

If you want to create videos for workplace learning and internal communication, Colossyan is a nice choice. This AI video maker is designed to turn your text, PDFs, or PPTs into videos. Dozens of pre-built templates are available, eliminating the need to start from scratch. There is a vast array of human-like AI avatars to choose from. You have the ability to create custom avatars and clone your voice to connect with your audience intimately. One of the outstanding features of the AI animation generator is its auto-translation capability, enabling you to reach a global audience while cutting the cost of hiring translators. It also assists you in setting up brand kits by uploading your custom fonts, text styles, colors, and logos, helping your team maintain brand consistency effectively.

4. Biteable

Biteable equips you with leading solutions for creating compelling video content. Its AI video maker transforms text prompts into videos in a couple of minutes. Select from a wide range of video use cases and enter some basic information about your video, such as the topic and summary. Edit the resulting video by adjusting scenes, adding premium stock assets, or applying animation effects. The free AI video generator introduces text-to-speech technology to support you in creating quality voiceovers effortlessly. This amplifies your important messages and makes the video more digestible for the audience. This AI animation generator makes producing captivating videos a breeze for users with zero video creation experience.

5. Invideo AI

Invideo AI is a go-to AI video generator that converts text into videos to enliven your ideas. Just enter a topic, and the tool gets to work and presents several prompts to you for selection. In a fraction of the time, the video is created, complete with subtitles, scenes, and voiceovers, and looks ready to be exported. The AI video maker gives you two ways to customize the generated video. One is to input simple text commands and the other is to edit the video directly in its built-in video editor. With millions of stock media, you have the creative freedom to apply the right footage to each scene and unleash the power of visual storytelling. Invideo AI is a user-friendly AI animation generator that lets you enjoy complete editing control.

6. Synthesia

This AI video maker aims to help you craft studio-quality videos as easily as a slide deck. It has a bunch of pre-made video templates which include realistic AI avatars. Pick a template that matches your content and get started. Free to replace the original avatar or create your custom AI avatar, adding a personalized touch to your video. The AI animation generator has the capability of turning text and documents into videos. It offers a variety of AI voices in multiple languages and accents, which allows you to reach a wide audience without hassle. Furthermore, Synthesia lets you clone your own voice to generate your unique AI voice, making your videos more recognizable to the audience and establishing a cohesive brand identity.

7. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI specializes in converting text, documents, articles, and web pages to videos. There is a rich selection of fully customizable video templates that you can adjust colors, text, aspect ratios, and other elements to meet your requirements. Browse a collection of AI avatars that move naturally at all times. You are even enabled to direct their gestures to point and greet, making them look more realistic. Add one of them to your video to boost audience engagement. The AI video maker offers voice cloning for use. This feature makes it easy to create a digital twin of you that speaks with your voice, facilitating you to produce interactive videos at scale. DeepBrain is an AI video generator that speeds up your workflow to make professional videos.

To Sum up

In this evolving era, it’s high time we start upgrading our video content. The top 7 AI video makers listed above are your ticket to the future of video creation, each armed with unique features to help you generate videos efficiently. For those seeking excellence in video quality and productivity, Mango AI will be your co-pilot to refine video content strategies and level up your business. You can access a comprehensive suite of advanced features to create top-notch videos, like human-sounding AI voices and realistic digital avatars. Simply share your video masterpieces across various social platforms with just a few clicks. So why not try it now to drive your business success?

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