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Toon Boom Harmony vs Adobe Animate vs Mango Animate Character Maker

Toon Boom Harmony is a leading production animation software program of Toon Boom Animation and built for animation professionals. Toon Boom Harmony enables artists and studios to make 2D animation with flexible, functional, and sensitive tools. It features unlimited paperless animation and an advanced brush engine. And the advanced color management tool helps make the animation more accurate and realistic. The Toon Boom harmony 20 contains three versions that have different advantages and prices. It doesn’t provide a free version to use but a free 21days trial.

Adobe Animate is another amazing powerful animation maker that can be used to design interactive animations for many purposes, especially for games, banner ads, and so on. It enables users to draw their animation characters with the live brushes and control them with simple frame-by-frame animation. What’s more, Adobe Animate allows users to quickly share and publish their creations to any social media platform by simply clicking after the finish. Also, Adobe Animate is keeping going to roll out new features such as advanced rigging, asset panel, and so on. In order to use Adobe Animate, users need to purchase Adobe’s Creative Cloud first. You have a 7 days free trial and then it charges $20.99 a month to purchase.

If you want to use the above two powerful software, you have a free trial but you still need to purchase at the end of the trial. Then you are available to create your own excellent animations. Maybe you are looking for a free alternative that is free to everyone and still helps make amazing animations. Mango Animate Character Maker is the best choice. It is a free character animation maker that can be used to design vivid videos of different industries. The well-designed character templates and easy rigging function greatly simplify the process of making animations and bring out your imagination.

We have compared these three software programs on the following sheet.

FeaturesToon Boom HarmonyMango Animate Character MakerAdobe Animate
Free Version❌(a 21days trial)❌(a 7days trial)
Pricing Essential $25/month
Advanced $63/month
Premium $115/month
Free or
Professional $139/lifetime
Brush painting
Work with layers
Custom Resolution
Character Rigging
Character Templates
Privacy Settings
SWF/SVG/FLV/F4V/MPEG videos/AI files
Output FormatsQuickTime Movie/MPEG-4/wmv/Flash/ Jpeg/PNGPNG/GIF
HTML5/WebGL/Flash/Adobe AIR/SVG 
Share to social platfoms
Custom Facial Features & Expressions
Frame Looping Selection
Drag & Drop

After comparing the similarities and differences between these three animation makers, you may find out which is the right software for you. As an alternative to Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate. Mango Animate Character Maker(Mango Animate CM) nearly contains the most functions of them and it also enables everyone to make gorgeous animations. For those who want to make animation videos but lack the drawing experience, Mango Animate CM is both a good Toon Boom Alternative and an Adobe Animate Alternative that provides you with well-designed templates to choose from. Meanwhile, someone may don’t know how to bring their concepts to screen by using the software that takes a long time for them to learn. On the contrary, Mango Animate CM is easy to use and it doesn’t require any design experience or coding knowledge. It aims to help everyone realize their dreams of making animation videos.

Why You Should Choose Mango Animate Character Maker As Toon Boom Alternative

The best Toon Boom alternative: Mango Animate CM

Photos to Characters

Turn your PNG images or PSD layers to cartoon 2D characters effortlessly! Import your files to Mango Animate Character Maker, add bones and edit movement of the characters by manipulating bones.

Free alternative to Toon Boom Harmony

Rig Easily

Rig any 2D characters with a simple click, Moving your characters or the pre-designed character templates has never been so easy. Mango Animate Character Maker enables everyone to create pro-level character rigging in a blink.

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Pre-set Bone & Motion Templates

The pre-made bone templates help you speed the process of animation. A huge motion template library helps you to animate the characters to fully express your ideas. Both are handy tools in making character animations easy and quick.

Try the best Toon Boom alternative: Mango Animate Character Maker

Built-in Cartoon Characters

A huge character library is available to everyone. You will find human templates from all walks of life and animal templates which are easy to edit for multiple purposes.

Toon Boom Alternative and Adobe Animate Alternative

Infinite Customization

Choose a character and custom your character to meet your needs. Mango Animate Character Maker not only brings your concepts to screen but also inspires your imagination.

find Toon Boom alternative: Mango Animate Character Maker

Multiple Output Options

Publish your animated characters in different formats as you like, including MP4, MOV, PNG, and animated GIF. Share or upload your creation on any social media platforms.

The Best Toon Boom Alternative:
Mango Animate Character Maker