open-source whiteboard software

Top 10 Open-Source Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to convey your message as it attracts more attention from the viewer. Not only do the whiteboard videos are fun to watch, but it is also a great way to sneak boring information to the viewers and make it more interesting. The drawback of using some whiteboard animation software programs is that it is costly and is difficult to use. It is ...

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Open Source Animation Software

Top Open Source Animation Software List (Keeping Updated)

Technology is revolutionizing day by day, and the advent of animation videos is quickly changing the way businesses run their marketing campaigns. A lot of open-source animation software are available in the market and are being used daily in various industries, including education, business, entertainment, medical, and more.  The concept of using animated videos in business is gaining popularity. This is because most of the animation software is designed with easy ...

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Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software (Keeping Update)

In this digitally driven era, videos are an essential part of the marketing strategy of any business. Content marketing isn’t limited to written messages and posts nowadays. You might have seen a lot of social media ad campaigns and must have noticed that almost all of them have a short video illustration to pitch clients. Thus, video editing software has become the need of the hour. If you don’t have ample ...

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