make your typography video rock

Wondering How To Make Your Typography Video Rock? Read This!

Typography videos have its own appeal to today's audience, a perfect combination of text, music and even animation. It delivers information effectively via fast-moving text. It can be understood just as well even without the sound. It's straightforward and eye-catching. Yet, on top of all these, it's one of the easier types of video to make and requires the least investment, in terms of money or time. All you need ...

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Word Animation Maker to Create Text Animation Instantly

Top 7 Word Animation Maker to Create Text Animation Instantly

There are people who love to read. For them, reading anything is fun. These people are a dream audience for content creators who specialize in written messages. But the vast majority of today’s audiences would prefer to watch a video, especially an animated one. They simply are not attracted to text. The nature of some messages though requires that they be presented in text form. The question then is, how ...

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8 Best Kinetic Typography Maker Online: The Ultimate List

Kinetic typography is the combination of text and video. The term literally means moving text, and it’s a great way to convey messages that need to use the written word without losing the interest of your audience. In fact, there’s no better way to quickly grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged than with an animated video. Adding animated text is a fantastic way to spice up your videos ...

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