Лучший текстовый генератор GIF Превратите текст в изображение функции GIF

Лучший генератор текстовых GIF: Превратите текст в GIF

GIFs allow people to use short, silent clips to express feelings, share reactions, fun moments or highlights from the latest videos, which would sometimes make communication more effective and efficient. Text gif is a kind of them that can make conversation more efficacious by turning the commonly used words into the text gif using text generators. There are actually a lot of ready-made text gifs for you to download online, but if you want to make your unique one, there is a way, that is, to use the text gif generator to turn text to gif.

What is text gif generator?

Text gif generator is software that turns text into text gif. It provides a highly customizable editor and a great variety of fonts, colors, text effects, and, most importantly, animations to choose from. To be honest, there are lots of excellent gif generators out there for people to choose, for instance, Mango Animate Text Video Maker. With emergence of animated text generators, making text move, sparkle, and change colors has become easy for anyone with a computer.

text gif maker template
text gif maker template

How to сделать текстовую гифку?

Using the text gif generator to make a text gif is not that hard if you choosing the most convenient software that suit you. Here we are going to talk about how to make a text gif using the best text gif, Mango Animate Text Video Maker.

Step1: Prepare

Before making an amazing test gif, you should make good preparation. First of all, the most basic tool to prepare is the software, Mango Animate Text Video Maker. Download the software by clicking on DOWNLOAD. Then edit the text and get it ready.

Step2: Add Text and Decorate

Get the software operated. Create a new project by clicking on NEW. Then in the pop-out text editor, copy the text and paste it into the text editor. Here you can customize the text as you want. You can change the text font, color and placement. And then hit on GENERATE to get the text imported. After the text is imported, the text will be displayed in the timeline at the bottom of the interface.

Best GIF Text Generator example
Best GIF Text Generator example

You can firstly set the video background by choosing a picture from the built-in picture library. Then modify the text duration time to make the video more fluently by adjusting the block width at the timeline. Click the text, and then at the right top of the interface, choose a suitable animation effect for the text respectively. If you want the text gif more attractive, choose the icon and add it to the text to beautify them. To make the text gif more stunning, add some special effect to it by choosing a built-in effect from the library at the right top column.

Step3: Output

When the text gif in the text gif generator is ready, you can output the video. Hit EXPORT, choose the output format. There are actually many kinds of formats for users to choose. So choose the format according to your needs. After that, the text gif will be ready for you in an instance. Then you can use it to communicate with others and improve conversation efficiency.

Turn Text to Gif example
Turn Text to Gif example


The times when the magic of animating text was only available to professional video editors and designers have passed, for text gif generators have made it easy for everyone to create a special and unique text gif. Prepare the material, import the text, decorate it and then output. Just these simple steps can make an awesome текст GIF come to life. And as it can improve communication efficiency, so why not have a try? You may become a great gif maker.

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