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make your cartoon character: add bones

Make Magic Happen

Creating your own cartoon character could be fun. Mango Animate Animation Maker allows its users to create stunning cartoon characters from photos. Start your project by simply upload static PNG images or PSD layers to the powerful software. Select a suitable set of bones and drag it onto the photo. Make your own cartoon characters has never been easier with Mango Animate Character Animation Maker.

Create Your Own Character Story

Mango Animate Character Animation Maker comes with tons of professionally well-crafted motions. Choose the dynamic facial expressions and body movement for your characters with simple drag and drop to the timeline. Laughing, crying, angering, scaring, your cartoon characters are ready to experience life in all its forms.

make your cartoon character: design motion
make your cartoon character: customize

An Opportunity to Speak

A silent cartoon character seems to lack vitality. How about making your own cartoon character that can speak? Import audio or video files into the cartoon character maker to match the movements of your cartoon characters. Without tech requirements, you can breathe life into your cartoon characters and easy to grab your viewers’ attention. Give your wonderful characters a chance to speak with our powerful cartoon character maker.

Easy to Share with Everyone

Want your cartoon characters to be seen by more people? With Mango Animate Character Animation Maker, you can publish your complete cartoon characters in various formats, including MP4, MOV, PNG, and GIF. Share your masterpiece with more people on social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. One-click sharing your elaborate cartoon character with Mango Animate Character Animation Maker.

make your cartoon character: export your character

Making Your Own Cartoon Character With The Best Cartoon Character Creator

Choose or Add a Character

Choosing a ready to use character or upload your characters to Mango Animate Character Animation Maker.
Step 1

Add Bones to the Cartoon Character

Add bones to control movements, or just skip if you use a preset avatar,
Step 2

Animate the Character

Browse a library of motions, choose dynamic facial expressions and body movements for your cartoon character.
Step 3

Share Your Cartoon Characters with the World

Publish and share your fun cartoon characters on social platforms to reach more audiences.
Step 4

Make Stunning Cartoon Character With The Best Cartoon Character Creator
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