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Vector Animation Software - Scale Your Graphics with Limitless SVGs

Scale Your Graphics with Limitless SVGs

Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) allow you to use your image or animation for varied applications of different sizes as changing the size does not change the resolution. Mango Animation Maker is loaded with hundreds of SVGs that let you take full advantage of our vector animation software. Choose from graphics in several categories to create vector animation videos that will enhance your brand and help build your business.

Animate Your Brand

Static advertising has become exactly that static. Modern branding calls for creativity and flair. An animated video created using vector animation software will go a far way in attracting and keeping customers loyal. There is no need to recreate it for use in different places either. Vector animation software ensures your design will fit on anything from the website to advertising and retain its quality and clarity.

Vector Animation Software - Animate your Brand
Vector Animation Software - Scale Your Advertising

Scale Your Advertising

With vector animation software, add promotional content to animated videos for detailing services. Don’t just tell; show customers what your business can do for them. Make product descriptions more vibrant with vector animation videos. From templates to media and animation effects, everything you need to enliven your marketing is in one place.

Share with Audiences Easily

You want people to know about the great work your business is doing. Publish your vector animation videos to reach your audience easily. Choose from six different video formats or publish as a GIF. Upload to social media or burn to DVD for distribution.

Vector Animation Software - Share with Audiences with Ease

Simple Steps to Build Your Brand with Vector Animation Software

Get Started Right

Choose any of the superb templates on offer that best suit your business. Have a creative streak that’s raring to go? Start from scratch with a new project.
Step 1

Edit Your Animation Video

Add elements from the free media library. The entire platform uses vector animation software so you’re not limited to SVGs. Choose images, music, text, and much more to create a masterpiece.
Step 2

Animate the Video Content

Animate everything with entrance, emphasis, and exit effects. Choose actions, emotions, and facial expressions for your characters.
Step 3

Share the Magic

Now that you’ve got things moving, make your brand go places by publishing your animation in your choice of formats.
Step 4

Create Awesome Vector Animation Videos with Mango Animation Maker
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