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Make Corporate Meetings More Interesting with Whiteboard Presentation Software-Begin with the Best

Begin with the Best

Whatever you’re presenting to your team, you want it to be at or above industry standards. Make your presentation exceptional with a stellar format. Mango Animate Whiteboard Presentation Software has numerous professionally made templates that will ensure your presentation gets started on the right foot. All templates can be completely customized so they’re tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Do Traditional – with a Twist

It’s very common to outline ideas, plans, and projections on a whiteboard with dry erase markers, especially in more informal brainstorming sessions. Take your whiteboard to another level and add a modern take with our Whiteboard Presentation Software. Utilize media such as charts, shapes, and symbols from our free library and make your data acceptable for higher-level presentations. The result will definitely not be your usual haphazard sketches.

Make Corporate Meetings More Interesting with Whiteboard Presentation Software-Do Traditional with a Twist
Make Corporate Meetings More Interesting with Whiteboard Presentation Software-Keep your Audience Engaged

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Corporate meetings very often see attendees losing interest in the presentation being given and finding other ways to occupy their eyes and hands. Avoid this pitfall by ensuring you hold your colleagues’ interest with a stimulating presentation. Our Whiteboard Presentation Software features many different hand types in different sizes and genders so you can add variety to your video. Various animation effects get things moving and keep your audience anticipating what will come next.

Add Your Voice to Presentation

Adding a personal touch to your presentation will make your audience feel more connected to what you’re talking about. Hearing your voice relating details about the topic at hand instead of a random, unrelated speaker will make your audience sit up and take notice. Take advantage of the powerful voiceover tool available in the whiteboard presentation software to record and edit your voice.

Make Corporate Meetings More Interesting with Whiteboard Presentation Software-Add your Voice to your Presentation

Modernize Your Meetings with Whiteboard Presentation Software

Get Started Right

Choose from hundreds of whiteboard animation templates or simply select any object to begin.
Step 1

Personalize Your Whiteboard Animation Video

Customize your backgrounds, media, captions, animations, and effects. Record and edit your voice as necessary for the perfect sound.
Step 2

Animate Everything

Use entrance, emphasis and exit animation effects in your whitboard animation videos.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Export your video as a GIF, online video, or offline video in six different formats. Then share on social media.
Step 4

Make Animated Videos with the Best Whiteboard Presentation Software
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