How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Have you seen an animated explainer video that looks like someone is creating a story on a whiteboard and explaining something? This style of explaining something is known as whiteboard animation explainer videos. Creating an awesome whiteboard explainer video requires a creative storyboard with a killer script, bespoke voiceover or music, and quality animation. That can let your viewers feel smart with an engaging whiteboard animation explainer video

You can get help from an effective animation explainer video maker or utilize the hundreds of whiteboard animation explainer video templates for this. Whatever you are going to prefer, there are some specific steps that are must-learn for anyone who wants to create the best whiteboard animation explainer video.

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How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Do you want to know how to create an exciting and powerful whiteboard explainer video that can connect your viewers? Even though the process of creating a whiteboard explainer video depends on multiple factors. These factors include the length of animation video and project complexity. However, there are some certain production steps that you have to follow for any kind of whiteboard animation explainer video. 
Here we have put together essential things you need to know to create an appealing whiteboard explainer video. 

  1. Understand the purpose of the animation video 

    Before starting your story production, think about the purpose of your video. There are different types of animated explainer videos. These can be used for various purposes including explaining your business, product selling, training, and more. 
    As an explainer video needs to be highly focused. It is always better to avoid putting too many ideas into one animation video. Rather determine its purpose and make it subject to that. Think about what you want your viewers to do after completing the video to identify its purpose.
     How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Step 1

  2. Invest some time in creating a script

    Writing the script of your animated explainer video is one of the most critical steps of creating an explainer video. A voiceover only describes what’s coming on the screens of viewers. However, the script will describe the story and purpose of the illustrations and support what needs to be said. 
    Your script of animated explainer video must answer the following questions to make your animation video more compelling to viewers:
    · What is your service or product?
    · Who is the target group of your product or service?
    · What problems can be solved with your products or services?
    · How can it solve your problem?
    · What should your viewer do to get started with it?
    Most of the whiteboard explainer videos are of 1 to 2 minutes in length. After composing your script read it out loud to get an idea about how long your video will be. It is always recommended to write your script concisely and get to the point as fast as possible. 

  3. Choose the right whiteboard animation explainer video maker

    Whenever it comes to create the best animation video, the selection of a whiteboard animation explainer video maker can make a great difference. It is always better to opt for the best animation explainer video maker available to produce attractive results in the best possible way. 
    However, when it comes to the best animation maker, Mango Animate can be an amazing option to go with. It can let you take your animation videos to the next level with its unmatchable features. You can find anything here from whiteboard animation explainer video template designs to lively camera settings and much more. Overall, this animation maker is meant to help you in making outstanding animation explainer videos. 

    Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Maker Mango Animate

  4. Sketch out a storyboard by creating initial sketches 

    Writing the script of the animated explainer video is not the only creative step in the process of a whiteboard animation explainer video. Because you have to present the real and important scenes of the video on a storyboard. It can get easier to illustrate, voice-over, and animate. 
    You can think of storyboard creation just like a draft for your illustration of whiteboard animation explainer video. This will help you in designing and pairing your screens with the respective script part. Prefer to sketch a storyboard in a way that can work the best with your animation video.

  5. Add some illustrations

    After storyboard finalization, you have to create illustrations in the next step of the whiteboard animation explainer video process. You can research and use an illustration maker tool for enhanced creativity. If you don’t feel like drawing your own custom images, or don’t have enough time to create ones, then there is nothing to be worried about. You can utilize pre-existing images too with ease. 
    Adding illustrations is important to make your animated explainer video more creative and appealing. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose the best quality and reel.

  6. Create professional voiceover

    Once you have done with your script side, you certainly need a voiceover or music for your video. If you want to go with voiceover, consider the following things:
    · Find high-quality and professional voice records. 
    · Check for the accent 
    · Clarity of voice is also important so that your message can be understood by your audience with ease.
    To make a big impact, ensure to find the right voiceover for your whiteboard animation explainer video.

    How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video Step 6

  7. Create and Edit your animation

    After completing the steps of composing scripts and creating storyboard illustrations, this is time to start creating your animated explainer video. You can use different ways to create a whiteboard animation explainer video as per your message content.

Final thoughts

Whiteboard animation explainer video can be your best marketing tool to explain the services and products of your company. This is a type of explainer videos that have become highly popular and helps websites to boost their conversion rate drastically.
Follow the proper steps and use the best animated explainer video maker to bring most out of these. Even more, you can also get benefits from user-friendly whiteboard animation explainer video templates available. Start quick and create the best whiteboard animation explainer video to attract massive viewers with ease. 

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