How to Make a Cartoon Character Free in a Split Second?

Wanna create a dynamic cartoon character by yourself and don’t know how, well, you have come to the right place. This article will show you how to make a cartoon character free in a split second with an awesome cartoon character maker called Mango Animate 2D Skeletal Animation Software that turns a static image into a lively cartoon character. Now, let’s begin.

  1. Step 1: Preparation.

    The first step of making a cartoon character free in a split second is sure to be making preparation. In this step, you should get the Skeletal Animation Software ready to work and if you have not downloaded it yet, you can simply download it from the website. What’s more, a static image of the cartoon character is needed to serve as the prototype of the dynamic figure afterwards.cartoon character maker

  2. Step 2: Upload the character and add bones

    Open the Skeletal Animation Software, click the “import” button to import the image prepared or you can select a built-in character. To make a cartoon character free in a split second, firstly you have to understand that, just as human physical action, body movement is actually controlled by bone motion, and that is exactly the principle of how this character maker works. Once you get the image ready, you can add bone easily with the tools inside the software according to the movement that you want your character to do. The core rule is that whichever part your character needs to move, you add bones there following the instruction of adding-bone function.cartoon character maker step2

  3. Step3: Animate the character

    If you want to make a cartoon character free in a split second, you may have to know how our daily action comes into being. So please take a video of any posture you do and play it one hundred times slower, you will find out that your movement is made up of various pictures that have slightly difference from each other. Understanding this, you may as well know how this software works, that is, to add different key frames in the timeline and adjust the motion of each frame respectively in order to achieve the expected action or movement.cartoon character maker step3

  4. Step 4: Publish and share

    Once you have done with your character, you can preview it and modify it until it meets your satisfaction. Then it is time to export it in different formats provided by the Skeletal Animation Software and share it with your friends or use it in your animated video.create a cartoon character step4

Well, these are all four steps to create a cartoon character free in a split second. With this 2D skeletal animation software, creating a dynamic cartoon character is a piece of cake. So you can definitely create a cartoon character free in a split second with the powerful tools inside the software.

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