create cartoon character from photo free

How To Create Cartoon Character From Photo Free

Animation is an intuitive art and it plays a very vital role in the business world. If all communication is viewed to be an attempt to relate understanding to others, then animation is somewhat the most versatile and powerful tool we can use to convey abstract, delicate and complex concepts to others.

In these animations, characters are the vehicle to unfold a story or idea. They carry the message to the audience in a stunning, funny yet effective way. To key to increase audience engagement is to inspire their emotion. Good character animation can create an emotional impact that stays with the audience till the end, leaving them a strong impression towards your message.

As animation keeps growing and gradually shows its importance, more and more character design software have immerged in the market. Create cartoon character from photo can be magically achieve in just a few minutes. In this case, you must consider one of the best 2D skeletal animation software-Mango Animate Character Animation Maker. It is a must have to create cartoon character from photo for you.

Before you diving into your creation program, it is necessary for you to learn the principle of how character get moved. An animated character is made up by two parts: the skin, aka the photo, and the associated skeleton added beneath it. In the world of skeletal animation, bones make up a complete skeleton, which allows for fluid, hierarchical deformation of the character’s skin. The most challenging part of creating an animated character is the process of creating a skeleton. All bones are arranged under a hierarchical system. That is to say, bones can either be a parent or child of one another. If you rotate or move a bone at the higher level (the parent), and it will affect all the bones under it (the child). On the other hand, if you rotate or move a bone at the lower level, it will have no affection towards the parent bone.

Everything is ready. Go through this complete and powerful tutorial of how to create cartoon character from photo free with Mango Animate Character Animation Maker.

  1. Import Your Photo Material

    Prepare for your character previously. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker allows you to import files in PNG and PSD formats. Simply click your mouse to import your photo.

    create cartoon character from photo step1: import your photo

  2. Add Bones

    After importing your photo into the software, it is time to rig it. Rigging is the process of adding bones to a character and create a complete skeleton to control it. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker provides the powerful bone tool for you. Use the straight bone tool to create.

    Just like a human, a skeleton of character is also consisting of bones and joints. Bones are connected with each other by joints. So the key is that you need to add joints in the right places. First of all, you have to set the root of your character. It is almost always the hips or the pelvis, which is the center of weight distribution for the entire body. Click your mouse to create joints to your character. Move your mouse to the next place and click to add another one joint. Between them, a bone is automatically created. If you want to create another child under the same joint, you need to click back on that joint. Step by step and with patient, a complete skeleton will occur to you.

    If your photo is in PSD format, you can just add the pre-built bone structure to it. That would save your time to a great extent.

    create cartoon character from photo free step2: rig your character

  3. Design Motion

    In this step, you are supposed to design motion to your character so that to make it move. Drag joints to customize their places and produce a series of continuous posts. These coherent posts can be connect together to make up a motion. If you named your bones the same as the names of the pre-built bone structure, you can utilize the featured motion templates. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker offers up to 100 motion templates. Drag to the timeline according to your needs.

    create cartoon character from photo free step2: add bones to your character

  4. Preview And Export

    A character’s limbs will rotate around those joints, so it is of great importance to check and avoid and wrong placement. Otherwise, it will result in strange and wired limb rotation. You may click the play button to preview and check out. Afterwards, you are about to export your cartoon character. To satisfy your different needs, Mango Animate Character Animation Maker supports to export in various formats, including PNG, MOV, MP4 and animated GIF. If you like, you can share you work on social media platforms.

    export in the format that you need


It is a truth that animation will still keep growing in the future. Thanks to the powerful technology, everyone can create cartoon character from photo. Try Mango Animate Character Animation Maker and create cartoon character from photo for free.

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