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Professional-made Templates

A well-done template can really help to save your time to a great extent. Mango Animate Animation Maker features an extensive library of pre-built templates, which cover over various areas and any type of video you may want to create. With these stunning templates, you are sure to have inspiration towards your creation. Choose one that you like and click it to enter the user-friendly interface and release your imagination and creativity.

Enter Your Project Details

With the pre-built template, all you need to do is do some customization to it, to enhance this template the way you prefer. You can replace the original media resources in the template with your chosen resources from the built-in free-to-use resource library. It is also permitted that if you want to bring in your own materials, just import them to the software. If you want to make some specific customization to the elements, Mango Animate Animation Maker provides image editor and audio editor for you to utilize.

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Enjoy The Power Of Voiceover

Story needs the power of the voiceover. It is an essential part of making up a video. With the best cartoon video maker, you are enabled to create a powerful voiceover as your narrator to your cartoon video. Record your voice directly in the software, or type in your text and simply convert it into speech. Mango Animate Animation Maker makes this process easy to be achieved.

Publish With One Click.

Good things deserve to share. Download your video locally, and then you are free to share it with others or publish it on any media platform or your own social network.

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Make Your Awesome Cartoon Video With The Best Animation Maker In A Snap

Get the awesome tool

Download Mango Animate Animation Maker to your device freely and sign up for a new account.
Step 1

Choose a well-made animation template

Pick a template from our growing library of well made video templates and launch your trip of creation.
Step 2

Drag and drop

Simply drag and drop materials to the canvas and customize every single aspect of your cartoon video with full flexibility.
Step 3

Download and share

Download your wonder to your device and share it with others if you want. You can also publish it on social media platform as you prefer.
Step 4

Create Awesome Cartoon Videos with The Best Free Cartoon Maker
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