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Hand-Drawn Presentation Software - Large Hand Collection

Large Hand Collection

Make use of a tried and true method of getting persons to retain the information you share with them. Drawing information on a whiteboard allows those watching to follow the idea from beginning to end. Hand-drawn videos make it easier to grasp and recall. The hand-drawn presentation software contains numerous hand types that can be used to write or draw information on the whiteboard. You can also upload custom hands or use images of any object you’d like to use as the drawing hand.

Captivating Effects

A message with high entertainment value is more likely to stay in the minds of its recipients and get them to take desired actions. Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Software features numerous effects that make hand-drawn videos appealing. Stage and camera effects let you focus on single aspects of your stage or include the entire scene. The hand drawing effect can be applied to any image and it will appear as if it’s being drawn as the audience watches. Stunning animation and transition effects add life to your message and you can add custom effects as well.

Whiteboard Presentation Software - Captivating Effects
Whiteboard Presentation Software - Lifelike Characters

Lifelike Characters

Adding illustrations to a story helps readers visualize the action by presenting the characters in their various roles. In the same way, the characters in the hand-drawn presentation software help your audience to absorb your message more easily. Give your chosen characters various occupations, actions, and expressions that will portray your meaning effectively. Upload custom characters to enhance your presentation.

Magical Media in Hand-Drawn Presentation Software

A fully stocked library of free media items and a handy image editor makes it easy to add a touch of magic to whatever you’re trying to communicate. Use the SVG images, shapes, icons, and other media included in the whiteboard presentation software or import media from your local computer. Customize colors, add filters, crop, rotate, and flip images with the image editor.

Magical Media in Hand-Drawn Presentation Software

Create Inspiring Whiteboard Explainer Videos with Hand-Drawn Presentation Software

Start with Expert Help

Choose a pre-designed template or pick an object to begin creating.
Step 1

Make it Dynamic

Complement your massage with multimedia elements and record your voice with the voiceover tool.
Step 2

Get a Move on

Add animation effects, transition effects, and various effects to let your creativity shine.
Step 3

Share Your Creation

Export the hand-drawn video to your local computer and then share it easily.
Step 4

Make Hand-Drawn Videos with Hand-Drawn Presentation Software
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