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User-friendly Editor

With the easy-to-use editor provided by Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, it is no big deal to make a whiteboard video in minutes. Dragging and dropping images, shapes, texts, or other assets to the canvas is what you asked to do. Our free whiteboard video creator serves all levels of users, no matter you are a starter or pro, as difficult-to-understand edits and settings are already replaced by the easy ones.

Well-designed Templates

Users have access to a large library of well-designed whiteboard video templates, which covers a wide range of topics like marketing, training, education, etc. All the whiteboard video templates offered by this free whiteboard video maker are characterized by attractive images, backgrounds, audio, and whiteboard animations. Pick the one that matches your idea. 

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A Vast Library of Animations

The free whiteboard video creator hosts hundreds of whiteboard animations, stage effects, scene transition effects in order to make your whiteboard videos distinctive. Choose Hand types/actions you like the best and apply them to images, texts, and characters. Create whiteboard videos that convey your messages in a lively, interesting way, and keep your audience stay focused.

Powerful Voiceover

In Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, users can record and edit their voices in just a few clicks. No more software are required. When you finish the recording, just use the built-in audio editor in our free whiteboard video creator to edit your voiceover audio in the way you want.

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Create Whiteboard Videos with Free Whiteboard Video Creator

Download the Best Free Whiteboard Video Creator

Download Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker and sign up for a free account.
Step 1

Create Your Whiteboard Videos

Customize whiteboard video templates, or create a new project to create whiteboard videos from scratch.
Step 2

Add Animations

Select your favorite Hand types and actions and apply them to your texts, shapes, and images, etc.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Export your whiteboard videos and share them on other platforms.
Step 4

Create Whiteboard Videos with the Best Whiteboard Animation Software
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