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Explain Any Topic with Whiteboard Video Maker

Explain Any Topic

Break down complex concepts into simpler and easily digestible small pieces with whiteboard animation. Utilize Mango Animate free whiteboard animation software to create whiteboard explainer videos for your e-learning courses.  With a large library of images and hand animations, you can visualize any abstract/difficult concept powerfully and easily. 

Keep Learners Engaged

Whiteboard animation videos are short and sweet, bringing a fun vibe to the e-learning courses. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker empowers you to add compelling graphics, icons, and audios to your whiteboard explainer videos. You can also choose from a variety of Hand types and actions, and draw your own e-learning content on the whiteboard. The simple yet powerful whiteboard animation is sure to capture your learners’ attention, lighten the mood, and make your messages stick. 

Keep Learners Engaged with Whiteboard Explainer Videos
Enhance Your E-learning Content with Whiteboard Video Creator

Elevate Your Content

Whiteboard animation videos bring your e-learning content to life. The combination of powerful imagery, audios, animations can create a lasting, engaging learning experience for your viewers. With Mango Animate whiteboard animation software, it’s easy to turn your static images, texts into dynamic and captivating content. Creating whiteboard explainer videos is the perfect way to take your e-learning courses to the next level.

Reach A Bigger Audience

Publish your whiteboard videos in different formats and share them on various platforms. Our whiteboard animation maker allows you to export your videos in full HD quality, giving your audience a great viewing experience. Everyone can get your e-learning courses on mobile devices and tablets. Whiteboard videos are fun to watch and easy to share, helping you reach more viewers and encourage discussions. 

Reach More Audiences with Whiteboard Video Maker

Elevate E-learning Courses with the Best Whiteboard Animation Maker

Get the Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Download and install Mango Aniamte Whiteboard Animation Maker, and sign up for a free account.
Step 1

Start Creating

You can create a new project or customize an whiteboard video template. Add images, icons, and texts to explain your points.
Step 2

Make Your Whiteboard Videos Engaging

Add animations, voiceover, or characters to elevate the e-learning content.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Export your whiteboard videos and share them on different platforms.
Step 4

Create Whiteboard Videos with the Best Whiteboard Animation Software
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