Free Explainer Video Maker Outline your points clearly and effectively. Communicate any ideas by animated explainer videos.
Predesigned Templates From the Free Explainer Video Maker

Predesigned Templates From the Free Explainer Video Maker

Take the guesswork out of creating an animated explainer video. Focus on the concepts you need to convey and let the animated explainer video maker provide you with a strong foundation for explaining them. Choose from the hundreds of premade templates covering a wide range of industries. All templates are fully customizable so your videos reflect your unique tastes.

Realistic Character Roles

Get help to explain your points from the realistic characters available in the free explainer video maker. Mango Animate Animation Video Maker offers over forty speaking roles accurately represent characters in various professions including teacher, student, businessman, doctor, police, and more. They will make getting your message across to your audience an exercise in simplicity.

Free Explainer Video Maker - Realistic Character Roles
Animated Explainer Video Maker - Recording and Captions

Recording and Captions

Some things are just easier to explain orally. Use the record button in the free explainer video maker to record yourself explaining your ideas and create a lasting impression on the audience. Enhance your recording with imported audio files or with audio from the included media library. Add captions or subtitles to accentuate the most important points. Captions are also useful if you plan to share the explainer video on social media where viewers may watch without sound.

Various Types of Animations and Effects

Keep your audience engaged and entertained with the variety of animation effects offered in the animated explainer video maker. You can add three types of animation effects to animated explainer videos – entrance, emphasis, and exit. Each type features several effects that will add spark to your explanation. Transition effects such as hand pull, flipbook, and shop line make moving between scenes truly interesting. Your audience will never experience boredom, no matter what you’re explaining.

Animated Explainer Video Maker - Various Types of Animations and Effects

Explain Anything with Free Animated Explainer Video Maker in 4 Easy Steps

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Start Smart

Pick one of our fully customizable templates or explore your creative side with a new blank project.
Step 2

Explain Your Ideas Fully

Personalize your explainer video with media, recording, captions, animations, and transition effects.
Step 3

Export the Explainer Video and Share

Publish the animated explainer video in six different formats, remove the watermark, and use the video cover. Then share effortlessly with audiences everywhere.
Step 4

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