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Boost Internal Communications with Animated Videos

Improve Internal Communications with Animated Videos

The value of video in improving internal communications is undeniable. And animated videos can even take a step further! From employee onboarding to internal training to company announcements, Mango Animation Maker helps you create all kinds of internal communication videos to deliver your messages in a fun and effective way. Get your messages across and give your employees an unforgettable communication experience with animated videos.

Increase Employee Engagement

Animated videos are more engaging than other methods of internal communications. Email may be forgotten or ignored, and a 30-page handbook is rather dull. But animated internal communication videos have the power to keep your employees engaged while still delivering important messages. With this awesome animation software, you can keep employees informed,  improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity across the workplace. 

Internal Communication Videos Increase Employee Engagement
Increase Reach with Animated videos

Increase Reach with Internal Communication videos

Animated videos created with Mango Animation Maker are incredibly flexible for internal communications. You can make your internal communication videos available to everybody,  without worrying about different locations, time-zones, or schedules.  Your employees can watch or review these animated videos anywhere and at any time of the day. This animation software helps you save time, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve internal communications with every single employee. 

Build Your Brand Culture

Using animated videos as a method of supporting your internal communications and brand culture is effective. This free animation software offers you customizable animated video templates and a wide selection of animated characters. You can also import your custom characters related to your brand. With animated videos, you will improve employee engagement and retention, and boost your company culture.

Build Brand Culture with Internal Communication Videos

Easy Steps to Create Animated Videos

Get Started

Download and install the free animation software Mango Animation Maker. Register and log in to your account.
Step 1

Customize Animated Video Templates

Start from scratch or get started with well-designed animated video templates.
Step 2

Make Your Animated Videos Fun

Apply animation effects to your texts and objects. Add animated characters and other animated assets.
Step 3

Export and Share

Export animated videos and share with employees to take your internal communications to a new level.
Step 4

Create Amazing Animated Videos with Mango Animation Maker
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