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Making an Animated Video Start with a Great Idea

Start with a Great Idea

Promote your business with an animated explainer video. The animation video is useful for a myriad of uses. You may need some help getting started. So pick a masterfully crafted animated explainer video template in the animation video maker online, and edit it to suit your specific needs. This is easy with the numerous media from Mango Animation Maker available for use. Background music, videos, SVGs, and much more enrich the content of your animation video.

Tell Story in Your Way

Let customers know why they should choose your brand or explain the benefits of your product more clearly. Tell your story in different tones and voices and add depth and character. Zoom in and pan out to highlight your characters. The animation video maker online lets you record your voice and edit it for the perfect sound. Stagger your audience with awesome camera effects that will keep them watching to see what will come next.

Tell Story in Your Way with Animation Video Maker Online
Animation Video Maker Online - Bring Your Idea to Life

Bring Your Idea to Life

Tell stories and promote products vividly with relevant facial expressions, actions, and emotions. Mango Animation Maker provides lifelike animated characters and various animation effects, giving the audience an immersive experience. You can engage viewers in your animated explainer video to learn more about your products by adding all the appropriate animation effects to the characters with the animation video maker online.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Create social media posts that will stand out and be remembered. Get more likes and engagement for your pages when you use animation video content. The animation video maker online makes social media posts more creative and attractive to followers. What’s more, it gives you the ultimate sharing ability for your creations.

Animation Video Maker Online - Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Animation Video Maker Online Displays Your Storytelling Skills

Choose Templates or Begin a New Project

A fully customizable animation video template can help you get started or you can give your creativity free rein by beginning your new project.
Step 1

Enrich Your Animation Video

Add images, shapes, text, and background music to tell your story.
What’s a story without characters? Add different roles and give them functions.
Step 2

Add Animation to Enliven the Story

Make everything pop with exciting animation effects like entrance, emphasis, and exit effects.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Publishing in the format that’s most appropriate for your audience and sharing your animation videos to various social platforms.
Step 4

Create Amazing Animation Videos with Mango Animation Maker
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