EASY ANIMATION SOFTWARE Easy-to-use animation software for creating stunning animated videos in minutes. Make animated video creation Fast and Fun.
Pre-designed Animated Video Templates

Get Started Easily with Animated Video Templates

Animated video templates are a great way to start your animation journey. To save your time and money, Mango Animation Maker provides you with well-designed and ready-to-edit animated video templates in various categories. All the templates can be easily edited, making customization and branding simpler and quicker. With the help of this easy animation software, your animated video is created in a snap.

Powerful Timeline, Easy Editing

Timeline is the foundation of any animation software. An easy-to-use timeline helps animated video creators work effectively. Whether you want to apply animation effects, adjust animation durations, or add soundtracks, the powerful timeline of Mango Animation Maker has you all covered. An easy animation software with a powerful timeline makes animated video editing easier.

Easy Animation Software Interface
Apply Animation Effects

Use Animation Effects to Tell a Better Story

Animation effects are key ingredients of an awesome animated video, producing powerful stimulation and entertainment for your target viewers. With the goal of helping you master the easy animation software and animation effects, Mango Animation Maker gives you the full freedom to apply or modify all kinds of special effects, background effects, and transitions. Your animated video is sure to start and finish with a flourish and impress the viewers.

More Formats, More Shares

An awesome animated video deserves more views and shares. With Mango Animation Maker, you have full control to publish your animated video in different formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, GIF, and more). Sharing your amazing animated video in different formats for different social platforms couldn’t be easier.

Animation Video Maker Makes Sharing Easy

Create Eye-catching Animation Videos Easily

Install the Easy Animation Software

Download and install Mango Animation Maker. Register and log in to your account. Start to create animation videos.
Step 1

Pick an Animated Video Template

Start from scratch or edit animated video templates to meet your goals.
Step 2

Customize the Animated Video

Use images, animated characters, and other elements to enhance your scenes. Add animation effects to bring animation videos to life.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Publish your animation videos in different formats, and share them on social platforms (your website, Youtube, Twitter, and more).
Step 4

Easy Animation Software for Beginners
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