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Create Animated Video Step By Step Tutorial

Sure that you have watched some amazing animation videos. It’s no doubt that animation videos have conquered the business marketing and become the superior marketing vehicle. That’s for a reason. Videos are more intuitive than words and images, using videos can help your brand grow faster and shine from others

It may sound like a challenging work for you to create a perfect animation video, especially if you are a beginner. But you don’t need to worry. In this article, some steps of how to create animated videos are put together to give you a hand, helping you to create animated videos like a pro.

  1. Figure Out Your Purpose And The Blue Print Of Your Animated Video

    A video usually has its main purpose. You need to have a clear mind about your content, what you want to convey, the highlight of your message. All of these are of great importance. Once you set up your purpose, you can move for your script. Write down the whole process that you want to display. If you write it in a form of story, that would be much better. Don’t forget to let your script contain 3 parts: the introduction, the problem, and the solution.

  2. Storyboard

    This step is usually ignored by animators. It is a sequence of images, or in other words, the visualization of the scenes. It does a good job in helping you to understand how exactly your story will move on and what it would look like. Generally speaking, storyboard is the preset of your animated video.

  3. Choose The Super Best Software

    Animated videos have diverse application, thus more and more people fight for their own special one. A powerful animation creator can reduce your trouble. Try Mango Animate Animation Maker and create your excellent animated video in a matter of minutes.animation maker

  4. Launch Your Creation From Templates

    For beginners, it is a wise decision to start with a well done template. That could save your time to a great extent. Mango Animate Animation Maker features a large library of extensive video creation templates for you. With the pre-built template, you are stimulated to have your inspiration when you set up to create a video.
    Of course, you can start with a blank project and create totally by yourself.

  5. Appropriately Customize

    Once you select a certain template and get access to the interface, you can start customize with your brilliant ideas. Mango Animate Animation Maker offers a massive range of royalty free resources for you. You can change or add images to the template, bring in your own materials is also permitted. Add background music to the audio track to create an exclusive atmosphere for your video. There are multiple cute characters, which can be used as your lead character. Other than this, maybe you want some specific custom to your image or music, customize right inside the software with the built-in image editor and audio editor, it’s quit convenient.

  6. Animate

    What makes animated video so popular is the engaging effect. To make the scene move, you can add entrance, emphasis and exit effect to the materials on the canvas, for different scene, you can consider adding transition effect to connect them and make it looks fluent.animated explainer video

  7. Narrate Your Story

    Besides the background music, maybe you still need another audio track to set your voiceover. Subtitles on the screen sometimes cannot make audience clear about what you try to express. In this case, you’d better record your story in your own words to enhance your video quality. Recording your own voice can be fun. Of course, you can just type into your text and use the speech synthesizer to convert words into speech.

  8. Complete And Export

    This step means an amazing animated video has been done. Export to your local device in a matter of a few clicks. Afterwards, you can share your wonder to your friends or publish to social media platform as you want.

Let’s wrap it up

Following these easy steps, you are sure to create your animated video like a pro. Check out your learning outcomes with Mango Animate Animation Maker now, download it and have a try.

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