Whiteboard Animation Video Skyrocket your sales with stunning whiteboard animation videos. Use the best whiteboard animation maker to promote your product powerfully.
Explain the Details with a Whiteboard Animation Video

Explain the Details

Say goodbye to dull slideshows. Create a whiteboard animation video to explain details about your product/service. Statistics and details do not have to be dull and unimaginative! With Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, you get free access to a pool of icons, shapes, dynamic decorations, and customizable characters to create product explainer videos. Every detail of your product can be illustrated in an engaging way, helping your customers stay focused and retain more information.

Highlight the Benefits

Hand-drawn whiteboard animation video is a must-have to set your products apart from your competition. Leverage the best free whiteboard video maker to create product explainer videos to highlight the product features and benefits. Use a large library of Hand animations to stress your points while capturing customers’ attention. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker empowers you to create whiteboard videos that address customers’ pain points, express confidence, and ultimately motivate your customers to buy from you. 

Create Whiteboard Videos to Highlight Product Benefits
Use Whiteboard Animation Video Maker to Add A Voiceover

Add a Powerful Voice Over

Provide the best audio-visual experience for your customers with our best whiteboard animation video maker. Just click the Record button and create a voice-over within the software directly. With an easy-to-use audio editor, you are able to edit your voice-over in just a few clicks. Add captions to further explain why your product is better. With this animation video maker, your amazing product explainer videos are sure to get into your customer’s memory and skyrocket your sales!

Be Mobile-friendly

Double the viewers of your whiteboard videos by making it mobile-friendly. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker allows you to customize the aspect ratio of your whiteboard videos for different devices and different platforms. You can also customize the thumbnails and optimize them for both mobile and desktop. With the best whiteboard animation video maker, you have the power to create whiteboard videos for different viewers and promote your products in the most effective way.

Create Mobile Friendly Product Explainer Videos

Promote Your Product with the Best Whiteboard Animation Video Maker

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Add Engaging Elements

Choose from a wide selection of icons and decorations and make your video content interesting.
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Engage Your Customers

Add animations, voiceover, and music to make your customers stay engaged.
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Share and Reach More Customers

Export your whiteboard product explainer videos in various formats. Share your whiteboard videos and reach more customers.
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Create Whiteboard Videos with the Best Whiteboard Animation Video Maker
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