make your typography video rock

Wondering How To Make Your Typography Video Rock? Read This!

Typography videos have its own appeal to today's audience, a perfect combination of text, music and even animation. It delivers information effectively via fast-moving text. It can be understood just as well even without the sound. It's straightforward and eye-catching. Yet, on top of all these, it's one of the easier types of video to make and requires the least investment, in terms of money or time. All you need ...

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Best Text Video Maker Mango Animate Text Video Maker Feature Image

Best text video maker: Mango Animate Text Video Maker

In the present digital world, people are exposed to all kinds of different videos every day. Among all these videos, text video is becoming more and more popular. People use it to introduce product and company, to tell a story, to explain a concept, to educate people and so on. The reason why this kind of video is popular is that unlike lifeless words on paper, it requires and attracts ...

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How to make a text video that can be shared on TikTok Feature Image

How to make a text video that can be shared on TikTok

Thinking about a way to share the message and information quickly and effectively on TikTok? How about converting them into text video? It is said that video is the most effective way to get things spread. Text Video require people’s full attention to know all the message containing in the video, thus people would have a deep impression on the information, achieving better information transmission result. So how to make a ...

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How to make typography video to share on Tiktok feature image

How to make typography video to share on TikTok

Thanks to TikTok, people all over the world are able to watch many interesting and wonderful videos, to know many talents, to learn a lot of life skills and to enlarge their knowledge. Among these tremendous videos, there emerges a popular video kind that is known as typography video. It is fun and can catch people’s eyes, making people follow its process and show people the information, such as stories, ...

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