top 7 trending animated text generators online

Top 7 Trending Animated Text Generator Online

Animated text is one of the most effective ways to grab attention and keep audiences engaged. With all the fascinating text animation effects that are available, viewers are likely to forget they’re reading. Technology now lets you create animated text videos quickly and easily without any animation skill. You don’t even have to download or learn any complex software. There are many animated text generators online. You just enter your ...

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Best Text Animation Software Mango Animate Text Video Maker Feature Image

Best Text Animation Software: Mango Animate Text Video Maker

Modern time has witnessed the passing of an era when videos are created by the professionals exclusively. Here comes the digital time when everyone can make a video. And thanks to modern technology, there are many video makers out there for everyone to choose. Among those video makers, Mango Animate Text Video Maker is the best text animation software. This blog will talk about what animation software and Text Video ...

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how to convert txt to mp4 feature image

How to Convert Text to Mp4

Sometimes you might find plain text hard to get you focused. So you might think of converting the text to mp4 to make it enjoyable to watch. Then, is there a way to convert the text to mp4? Yes, there is. There are actually a lot of text converters out there for you to choose. Choosing the right one can save your time, energy and money. Mango Animate Text Video ...

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how to convert text into video feature image

How to convert text into video

There are videos everywhere. In the present world, people tend to transmit information via videos. Think about it for a moment, you may find that you are surrounded by videos all the time, the alarm that wakes you up, the bus station screen that tells you the arrival time of each bus, the message that your friends send to you, the news and information you receive, and any other stuffs, ...

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Free Text Animation Maker Feature Image Feature Image

Free Text Animation Maker

Believe it or not, in today’s digital world, animated designs are the most effective way to attract people’s attention. It is because of this feature that people all over the world tend to create animated videos to transform ideas and catch people’s eyes. If you are paying attention, you will find that even plain text and words are being animated and turned into so-called text animation video, created by text ...

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Best Text Video Maker Mango Animate Text Video Maker Feature Image

Best text video maker: Mango Animate Text Video Maker

In the present digital world, people are exposed to all kinds of different videos every day. Among all these videos, text video is becoming more and more popular. People use it to introduce product and company, to tell a story, to explain a concept, to educate people and so on. The reason why this kind of video is popular is that unlike lifeless words on paper, it requires and attracts ...

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How to make a text video that can be shared on TikTok Feature Image

How to make a text video that can be shared on TikTok

Thinking about a way to share the message and information quickly and effectively on TikTok? How about converting them into text video? It is said that video is the most effective way to get things spread. Text Video require people’s full attention to know all the message containing in the video, thus people would have a deep impression on the information, achieving better information transmission result. So how to make a ...

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How to make typography video to share on Tiktok feature image

How to make typography video to share on TikTok

Thanks to TikTok, people all over the world are able to watch many interesting and wonderful videos, to know many talents, to learn a lot of life skills and to enlarge their knowledge. Among these tremendous videos, there emerges a popular video kind that is known as typography video. It is fun and can catch people’s eyes, making people follow its process and show people the information, such as stories, ...

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create kinetic motion graghic for free feature image

Create kinetic motion graphic for free

Date back to the 1800s,there have been presentations that can be defined as motion graphics. So it seems that motion graphic has a long history along the way. And indeed, it is. Well, in this blog, we are going to talk about what kinetic motion graphic means and most importantly, how to create one for free. What is kinetic motion graphic? Kinetic motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and ...

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Motion typography tutorial step by step feature image

Motion typography tutorial step by step

Motion typography, or kinetic typography, seems to be everywhere in the present time­­­——advertisement, lyric video, presentations, mobile apps, websites all get the advantage of it to let their words be heard, achieving a sense of artistry, making their speech more impactful. But, what is motion typography and how to make one? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss these two questions and introduce to you the exact concept ...

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