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make animation video with pre-built images

A Custom-made Image Library

Image does a better job in conveying than word since it is more intuitive and direct. Mango Animate Animation Maker provides millions of royalty free vector images, which are totally free to be used. Use our large amount of images and combine with your creativity to draw your target audience’s attention, elaborate your idea and make your animated video stunning.

Built-in Editor

With the best cartoon maker, you no longer have the need to download or open other edit software. The service aim of Mango Animate Animation Maker is to make your animation production process as easy as possible, and to lower the cost of your time. Use our built-in editor, including image editor and audio editor, to fully sparkle your video. Create and customize at the same time to cut down the waste of unnecessary time, Mango Animate Animation Maker is the best choice for you.

powerful editor helps to make excellent animation
add voice to animation video

Text-to-speech System

Audio matters a lot and cannot be ignored. With the audio, audience can better get your point and follow your rhythm. Mango Animate Animation Maker features powerful text-to-speech system. Convenient enough since all you need to do is to type in your text and convert it into speech with a single click. We offer you with several sound characters, so you can select one as your narrator.

Powerful Voiceover

A real people voice can make the narration more humane, which makes it easy to gain empathy. Record you own voice can be fun, making the whole process of presentation more interesting and more kind, thus to higher audience engagement and enhance you video quality. Our best cartoon maker provides you with the powerful voiceover, and you can directly record your voice in the software and add it to the video.

powerful voiceover in animation creator

Start with Mango Animate Animation Maker and Create Miracle

Pick up one pre-built template

Select one template that you like from the Mango library to launch your design, or you can start with a blank project and design everything the way you like.
Step 1

Customize everything

Directly add media materials from our built-in library to your video, use the powerful editor to customize things as you want.
Step 2

Add animation effect

You can add entrance, emphasis and You can add entrance, emphasis and exit effects to your contents and make your video eye-catching.
Step 3

Publish and share

Share your miracle with others. Publish it on social media platform and let others view it.
Step 4

Create Awesome Animated Videos with The Best Free Cartoon Maker
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