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Animated Explainer Videos  Simplify Complex Ideas

Make Complex Topics Easy

Animated whiteboard videos give you the power to explain anything, no matter how complex the topic is, in a simple and compelling way. With Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software, you get free access to a wide range of graphics, allowing you to illustrate difficult or abstract topics with interesting imagery. Record your own voiceover and add captions with a few clicks. Use this whiteboard animation software to create animated whiteboard videos that get your points across and brighten up your lessons.

Engage Your Students Easily

Students today need creative and dynamic content to stay engaged and concentrated. And animated explainer videos do an excellent job in attracting students’ attention and improve engagement. Try out a massive library of hand animations and special effects within Mango Animate whiteboard animation software. Use hand drawing, hand sketching, or handwriting animations to highlight important messages and liven up your content. With this whiteboard animation maker, your students will be engrossed in the subject you’re teaching and enjoy the engaging visual learning experience.

Engage Students with Animated Explainer Videos
Deepen Learning with Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A Deeper Learning Process

Let your students show their creativity and share opinions with animated whiteboard videos. Mango Animate whiteboard animation maker is super easy to use. It also comes up with hundreds of animated whiteboard templates. You and your students can create animated whiteboard explainer videos in minutes. By creating their own animated whiteboard videos, they will have a better understanding and deeper learning of the subject.

Better Teaching, Better Learning

Accelerate the teaching and learning process with the most powerful whiteboard animation software. Animated whiteboard explainer videos make lessons interesting and comprehensible for all the students. Our whiteboard animation maker enables you to create whiteboard videos in different formats. All the animated whiteboard videos are easy to access and share, allowing students to watch and learn anytime, anywhere.

Improve Teaching and Learning Experiences

Liven up Your Lessons with the Best Whiteboard Animation Software

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Pick an Animated Whiteboard Template

Choose from well-made animated whiteboard templates, or create a new blank project.
Step 2

Make it Yours

Customize the texts, animations and graphics, or import your own media.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Export your animated whiteboard explainer videos and share these videos with your students.
Step 4

Create Whiteboard Videos with the Best Whiteboard Animation Maker
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