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turn your image into animated avatar with the best anime character generator from photo

Support PNG & PSD Image

It is a truth that image is more powerful than word, and do a better job in attracting people’s attention and to leave a strong impression. What if to turn your static image into animated image? Mango Animate Character Animation Maker empowers you to do this. It allows you to turn static PNG image or PSD layers into animated character. Simply import your materials into the avatar creation software, add bones, add motions and edit the poses. By this way you can bring your artwork to life.

Give Your Avatar Bones

Want to make your static avatar movable? All it needs is a complete bone structure. Once your avatar has a bone structure, you can control its moving by customize its bones. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker comes with a smart bone tool for you. Simply click your mouse to add bone nodes to your static avatar. Or you can select one advanced preset bone structure and add it to your avatar. With the preset bone structure, the pace of making your avatar will be speed up.

add bones to your avatar with the best anime character generator from photo
smart IK control makes your avatar play naturally

Smart IK Control

To make your avatar move more natural and fluent, this best animated avatar maker provides a smart and intuitive IK feature to help you edit the posing and movement of your avatar. IK control is able to make your avatar play more naturally and logically. Fluent action and motion is the highlight to capture people’s attention and hold it until the end.

100 Intuitive Motion Options

If you don’t know how to make your character move or you think it is kind of challenging, then stop worrying. This anime character generator from photo comes with a wide collection of 100 preset motion options available for you to use. Each motion is so vivid that can make your character move like a real human. The motion is come from every action in daily life, sure can meet all your needs and make you satisfied.

100 motion options for your avatar in the best anime character generator from photo

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Import PNG or PSD image or choose a built-in character

Upload your static character to the avatar creation software or pick one preset character as you like
Step 1

Add bones to your character

Click your mouse to add bone nodes to your character. Preset character already has a bone structure
Step 2

Animate your character

Customize the post of your character or directly use the preset character motions
Step 3

Export and share

Export your character in the format you need. You can share your character with others if you want
Step 4

Make Stunning Character With The Best Avatar Creation Software
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