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Infinite Inspiration

Infinite Inspiration

Mango Animate Animation Maker is a user-friendly software, which makes it the best solution for animation making. This animiz animation maker is featured with tons of templates, which allow users to go from an easy-to-edit template to a creative and personalized masterpiece in minutes. Your inspiration will never run out stimulated by the style-rich animated templates.

Unlimited Imagination

 Mango Animate Animation Maker is armed with industry-standard canvas. Magnifying the canvas, you can perfect the detail to the most. Zooming in on the canvas, you can check all your animation objects in case of loss. Easily annotate, combine, or overlay all of your media right on the canvas. With the infinitely scalable canvas, you can maximize your imagination.

Unlimited Imagination
Stunning Animation and Transition Effect

Stunning Animation and Transition Effect

How to make your animation video stand out from the crowd? Striking animation and transition effects would be the best effective answer. The animiz animation maker is rich with tons of animation and transition effects, and you can enhance your animated elements with the animation effects and apply transition effects to make your animation scene transferring natural.

Export Anything Anywhere

Download and export your animation video to the most popular media forms with ease. Quickly share your animation video to any social media platforms, directly from the animiz animation creator interface. You have the power to expand reach with a click of share with the animiz animation maker.

Export Anything Anywhere

Create Your Awesome Animated Video With The Animiz Animation Maker In A Snap

Download Animiz Animation Maker

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Step 1

Pick a Template

Browse animated templates or use search to find the right for your purpose.
Step 2

Customize the Design

Add your text, edit design elements, add or remove animated objects or background.
Step 3

Download and Use

Download your finished animated design as an mp4 file or publish it to the cloud directly via the Mango Animate Animation Maker interface.
Step 4

Create Awesome Animated Videos With The  Animiz Animation Maker
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