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Easy to Use Animated Intro Maker

A Super User Friendly Animated Intro Maker

Anyone can create fabulous animated Youtube intros, animated logo intros, and other animated intros in a flash. Mango Animation Maker is a super easy-to-use animated intro maker made for non-designers and advanced users. Try with well-designed intro video templates and add a personal touch. Get access to a huge library of high-quality vector images, animated assets, and animation effects to make your animated intros shine. No tech skills required. No headaches. 

Build Your Brand with Animated Intros

Animated intros empower you to stand out on social media and build your brand. Use this powerful animated intro maker to create animated logo intros to integrate into your brand’s social media videos. Take advantage of hundreds of animations to animate your brand logo. Make the most of the rich customizability options to personalize all the items or upload your own media. With Mango Animation Maker, you can reinforce your brand and grow your audience with ease.  

Build  Brand Awareness with Animated Intros
Build Your Social Media Following Fast

Grow Your Social Media Following Fast

Customers aren’t interested in dry and static social media posts. A great choice to hook viewers is to create breathtaking animated YouTube intros and animated logo intros. Animated intros allow you to set the tone of your channels and take your brand to a professional level. Mango Animated Intro Maker is the most effective way to turn your static social media imagery into eye-pleasing animated intros, letting you wow your followers and potential audience right from the start! 

Cost-effective Social Media Marketing Solution

Posting animated intros on social media is a fast, low-cost, and effective way to boost your brand visuality among worldwide viewers. To assist you in the social media marketing endeavor, Mango Animation Maker lets you save money while still making high-quality animated intros. Your branded intros can definitely impress the audience right away! 

Cost-effective Social Media Marketing Solution

Easy Steps to Create Incredible Animated Intros

Get the Free Animated Intro Maker

Download and install Mango Animation Maker. Register and log in to your account.
Step 1

Create Your Animated Intros

Create a new blank project or choose from a list of intro video templates to customize.
Step 2

Customize Your Animated Intros

Add animations, graphics, sound effects to make your animated YouTube intros or animated logo intros stand out on social media.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Publish and share your animated intros on social media to amaze your audience.
Step 4

Create Amazing Animated Intros with Mango Animation Maker
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