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Toon Boom vs Mango Animate Character Maker
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Compare – Toon Boom vs Adobe Animate vs Character Animator vs Mango Animate Character Maker

Since the first release in 1996 (the name was still Flash at the time), Adobe Animate has been popular and widely used by all professional animators around the world. Based on Frame-by-Frame Animation, Adobe Animate is designed with more features and functions to make animation lifelike with years of product improvement.

Another hero product from software giant Adobe Inc. we discuss today is Adobe Character Animator, deliberately designed to create character animations with Live Motion Capture supported. From the same company with the same focus on making 2D animations, Adobe Animate vs Character Animator is often discussed and compared with each other. Some might consider Adobe Character Animator an alternative to Adobe Animate to some degree.

Considering as a popular Adobe Animate alternative, Toon Boom Harmony is produced by Toon Boom Animation for making paperless 2D animation with flexible, functional, and sensitive brush engine. Mainly based on brush painting, this software has a relatively high demand on users’ drawing skills. Of course, you can still buy a character and import it into the software for further animation.

Mango Animate Character Maker, on the other side, is completely different from these three software mentioned above. It’s designed to accommodate users of all levels, whether it is a beginner with no background in animation or video editing, or a seasoned animator. Mango Animate CM applies skeleton animation, with which users can turn their picture artwork into dynamic character animation by adding a full set of skeleton structures to the image.

Nevertheless, some users nowadays might think Adobe Animate is overly complicated for an amateur and impossible to use handily without courses first. In that context, finding Adobe Animate alternatives becomes a buzzword in recent times. Below is a list to compare their features and pricing so as to find out the best Adobe Animate Alternative suitable to your needs.

FeaturesMango Animate Character MakerToon Boom Adobe AnimateAdobe Character Animator
Free Version
Pricing$139/LifetimeEssential $25/month
Advanced $63/month
Premium $115/month
(only available as part of Adobe’s App plan)
Ease of Use
Picture to Character
TechniqueSkeletal AnimationBrush PaintingFrame-by-Frame AnimationLive Motion Capture
Character Rigging
Custom Facial Features & Expressions
Work with layers
Built-in Outfits & Accessories Library
Free Character Templates
Huge Motion Templates
Supported Import File FormatsPNG/PSD/GIF/Video/AudioQuickTime videos/ pictures/ multilayered/ .psd/ .ai/ .swf/ .pdf/ .flaImage/Video/Audio.AI/.AIFF/.JPEG/.JPG/.PNG/.PSD/.PUPPET/Video/Audio
Auto Motion Keyframe
Built-in Image Capturer
Output FormatsPNG/GIF/MP4/MOVTVG, PSD, PNG, JPG, VAR, PDF, etc. See moreHTML5/WebGL/Flash/Adobe AIR/SVG PNG/WAV/MP4
Custom Resolution
Custom BG Color
Transparent BG
Drag & Drop
Multi-track Timeline

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Why Mango Animate Character Maker Is the TOP Adobe Animate Alternative

Adobe Animate vs Character Animator

Artwork to Animation

From images to characters, all you need to do is import the artwork into Mango Animate Character Maker, select and adjust a bone structure, drag and drop the motions onto the timeline, and then export.

Free alternative to Adobe Animate

Preset 2D Characters

There are more than 100 characters in the built-in character library of Mango Animate Character Maker. From there, users can select a character, change its clothing, customize facial features, and more.

Try the best Adobe Animate alternative: Mango Animate Character Maker

Built-in Library – Skeleton & Motion

In addition to the rich character template library, Mango Animate CM also comes with a large collection of bones and actions, with which users can cut their creation time by half.

adobe character animator alternative

Animate a Character

Creative users can always start afresh with their own uploads. Rig their character from the imported image, create action by twisting bones and nodes, and save the move to the motion library for repeat use.

Mango Animate CM is the best Adobe animate alternative

Auto Keyframe

When not using the built-in motion library to animate the animation, the user can opt-in Auto Keyframes to automatically record the animation when the user moves the character to make actions.

free adobe animate alternative

Compatible Output

Publish animated characters in various formats, including MP4, MOV, PNG and animated GIF. Use it in your video projects, login pages, YouTube channels, etc.!

Mango Animate Character Maker

The Adobe Animate Alternative Tailored to Your Needs