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Compare – Adobe Animate vs Character Animator vs Mango Animate Character Maker

In the previous post of Adobe Character Animator alternative, we covered its highlight feature – live motion capture with which the character can sync with human actions in real-time, helping users to cut the creation time in half. It is relatively easy to pick up compared to Adobe Animate. But many people have mistaken Adobe Character Animator as an alternative to Adobe Animate. In fact, they have huge differences.

Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash) was used to be the only choice for people to create traditional cartoons that are widely applied in games, TV, webpages, etc. The calling card of Adobe Animate is frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation where different parts of the character can be swapped and rigged to make actions without redrawing.

Mango Animate Character Maker (Mango Animate CM) is an emerging 2D character software based on skeleton animation, which can convert static PNG/ PSD images into dynamic characters with expressions and actions. Users will be able to add bones and nodes to the picture they import, manipulate the bones to create actions, and output their creation as MP4 or GIF with custom options for size and resolution. Or they can use pre-designed templates in each step. Mango Animate CM has been considered a strong Adobe Animate alternative.

Below are the pros and cons list between Adobe Animate, Adobe Character Animator, and Mango Animate CM, from which you will make it clear to find the Adobe Animate alternative that suits you best.

FeaturesAdobe AnimateAdobe Character AnimatorMango Animate Character Maker
Free Version
(only available as part of Adobe’s App plan)
Picture to Character
TechniqueFrame-by-Frame AnimationLive Motion CaptureSkeletal Animation
Character Rigging
Custom Facial Features & Expressions
Built-in Outfits & Accessories Library
Free Character Templates
Huge Motion Templates
Supported Import File FormatsImage/Video/Audio.AI/.AIFF/.JPEG/.JPG/.PNG/.PSD/.PUPPET/Video/AudioPNG/PSD/GIF
Auto Motion Keyframe
Built-in Image Capturer
Output FormatsHTML5/WebGL/Flash/Adobe AIR/SVG PNG/WAV/MP4PNG/GIF/MP4/MOV
Custom Resolution
Custom BG Color
Transparent BG
Frame Looping Selection
Drag & Drop
Multi-track Timeline
Social Sharing
Privacy Settings
24/7 Technical Support

Mango Animate CM has been listed as one of the best Adobe Animate alternatives for beginners. Every step of making 2D character animation comes with templates. It features a vast library of free characters, whose appearance is editable and swappable using users’ own uploads or the built-in accessory collection. Bone structures and motion templates are offered to help beginners simplify the process and save time. Users will experience the maximum customization on Mango Animate CM.

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Why Mango Animate Character Maker Is the Best Adobe Animate Free Alternative

Adobe animate alternative

PNG/ PSD to Character

Convert your still images into lively 2D characters. Upload a PNG/PSD file to Mango Animate Character Maker, put bones and joints on it, animate character with pre-designed motion templates.

One of the best alternatives to adobe animate

Instantly Rig a Character

Use the right tool to create the perfect 2D character animation. Mango Animate Character Maker enables everyone to create professional-level character rigging in an instant.

adobe animate vs character animator

Pre-designed 2D Characters

A huge library of role templates. You can use various human and animal templates with prefabricated bone structures to shorten the creation process.

The greatest adobe flash alternative free

Built-in Bone & Motion Library

Bone structures can be applied to your character/image with the drag and drop method; action templates can be used to animate your characters easily, skipping the tedious step of rigging each bone.

adobe flash alternative free

Max Customization

Create a unique character with your personal style. Choose a character and you will be able to customize its appearance using our huge library of animation assets or your own upload.

find Adobe animate alternative -  adobe animate vs character animator

Flexible Export Options

Publish animated characters in various formats, including MP4, MOV, PNG and animated GIF. Use it in your video projects, landing pages, YouTube Channel and more!

Mango Animate Character Maker

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