TOP 6 Free AI Animation Generators for Animation Video Creation

Today, there is an increased dynamism in digital content creation, as people strive to find new ways of making their animation videos more compelling. This is the purpose of AI animation generators: they change everything in the animation world. These AI animation tools simplify the animation process and make it easier for all types of animators and creators no matter their level to create animations. In this article, we will review 6 free AI animation generators for 2024 which will assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to selecting a generator for your project.

Is there an AI Tool that can create animations?

Yes. Currently, many AI tools can make it possible for you to create animation videos. These tools convert text scripts, images, and even videos into appealing animated videos with customizable options available to cater to different content creators. But so many AI animation generators exist from which to choose one suitable for your own specific needs; therefore, we suggest that you get acquainted with each one of them by examining its features and then try using the one that feels right.

1. Mango AI

Mango AI is an online free AI animation generator that allows you to craft high-quality animation videos without professional experience in creating animations. With its text-to-animation features, it’s easy to add and turn your scripts into speaking portrait animation videos. One of the things that highlights its strengths the most is the offering of different types of avatars and voices, which can accommodate different animation styles and characters. Also, you have access to upload your photo to create your own avatar, and then adjust the facial pose, such as blinking or making facial expressions, to make the video more natural. This AI video generator is an all-in-one animation maker suitable for beginners and professionals. 

Key features: 

  • Offer a simple and intuitive interface for easy animation creation.
  • Support a wide range of templates and themes.
  • Personalize digital avatars and voices to animate your portrait into videos.
  • Customize backgrounds, and music to make your animated videos more creative.
  • Add voice-overs to tell your story more vividly.

2. Deep Motion

As a unique animation tool, Deep Motion focuses on realistic character animation and motion capture, making it popular with game developers and filmmakers.

With this animation generator, it is possible to generate smooth and natural movements for animated characters by providing only textual instructions. At the same time, it provides real-time editing and customization of animations, allowing you to adjust the timing, speed, and style of movements during the animation creation process.

However, this tool is more complex and it takes more time to learn how to use it, and it also requires a higher computer configuration. 

ai animation generator Deep Motion

Key features:

  • Turn 2D videos into 3D animations.
  • Creates animations with high realism and fluid character movements in animations.
  • Offer Powerful customization options, including characters, backgrounds, and motion styles.

3. Gooey AI

If you wish to generate a series of smoothly animated scenes or images, Gooey AI is designed to transform text prompts and keyframes into animated sequences. All you need to do is just add to cues as needed and specify transition points between each cue. 

This platform also offers lip sync, which uses text-to-speech technology to create realistic lip-synchronized videos.   

ai animation generator Gooey AI

Key features:

  • Create animations from text prompts and keyframes.
  • Offer text-to-speech for creating lipsync videos.
  • Support for adjusting the number of frames in animations to change rendering time and length.
  • Integrate with various workflows, such as AI QR Code Generator and Copilot Builder.

4. Neural Frames

This powerful AI animation generator helps you to transform text prompts into animations and music videos. Simply type a scene or action and create the corresponding animation. It offers a range of advanced features including applying various styles to animations and enhancing low resolution to high quality. Also during the animation creation process, its editing tools allow you to edit the animation video frame-by-frame and easily track the character. 

ai animation generator Neural frames

Key features: 

  • Offer text-to-video to create animation or music videos.
  • Support video upscaling for up to 4K resolution.
  • Allow real-time editing of animated videos to be controlled at any time.

5. Krikey.AI

Designed for creating 3D animations from scratch, Krikey.AI enables you to create highly customizable avatars and design characters with unique facial expressions and gestures using text or video prompts. Suppose you are looking to add a voice to your animations, Krikey.AI’s AI voice option allows you to add personalized dialogue to your custom 3D talking avatars in a matter of minutes, easily enhancing the interactivity and realism of the animations.

ai animation generator Krikey AI

Key features: 

  • Transform text prompts into dynamic 3D animations.
  • Customize 3D Avatars with unique facial features and expressions.
  • Export your animations as videos or FBX files.
  • Integrate animations into various 3D game engines, movie editing software, or other creative projects.

6. Vyond 

What makes Vyond stand out is its text-to-speech and photo-to-character features. It offers a wide range of pre-made templates, characters, and props to personalize your animated videos easily. In addition, its lip sync, speech enhancer, and style transitions, ensure that animations are aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonate with the viewer.

ai animation generator Vyond

Key features: 

  • Create scripts and videos from AI prompts.
  • Upload and edit your photo to create your own character.
  • Offer speech enhancers to enhance voiceovers.


Incorporating AI into animation creation is an innovative method that offers great convenience to content creators. All the top 6 free AI animation generators have unique features that cater to different animation styles and needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking for simplicity or a professional seeking advanced customization, these tools simplify the process and allow you to create engaging, high-quality animated content for free. As you begin creating animation videos, consider the specific features and capabilities of each generator and choose the one that best suits your creative vision and technical requirements.

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