10 Best Drawing Animation Apps That Work

There is a large amount of drawing animation software programs in the market now. But you may only use these software programs when you have a computer around. How can you quickly make a drawing animation without using a PC or desktop computer? Drawing animation apps are good choices for you at this time.

With a sheer volume of excellent animation apps available, the question that how to find the best hand drawing animation apps that suit you might be troublesome. Some drawing animation apps are designed for beginners while others are designed for professional video makers and drawing animators. For professionals, the requirements for drawing animation apps are different from normal users.

Professional drawing animators and videomakers need apps that have fast load times, huge libraries that are filled with reference materials to use while drawing or animating, modern features and controls. Below is a list of the top 10 best drawing animation apps that work.

1. FlipaClip(Android, iPhones, MacBooks, Windows)

FlipaClip is one of the best drawing animation apps. It works on all types of devices. It is a professional use app that everyday users can also use. It has a user-friendly interface and complete guidelines on how to operate. That is why it is easy to use. Also, Flipaclip loads faster and can export high-quality video animations. It has a built-in library that makes the task of animation easier for you. It can be downloaded from the Flipaclip website, Google Playstore, and Apple Store.

FlipaClip: Hand Drawing App

2. Pencil 2D(Windows, Mac, Linux devices)

Pencil 2D is also an easy and intuitive tool that you can use for 2D drawing animations. It is an open-source (free to use) drawing animation software program and has advanced video animation features that users are able to make stunning videos. Pencil 2D has a minimal design that is why both professionals and newbies can easily learn to operate it and animate their drawings. Pencil 2D can be downloaded from the official website.

Pencil 2D: Open Source Animation Software

3. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Video Maker(Mac, Windows)

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Video Maker is a perfect tool if you want to animate a whiteboard character. This is also a professional use app that is perfect for high-end drawing animation tasks. It can be downloaded from the official website of Mango Animate. And this tool allows you to perform tweaks on your drawings. You can animate your drawings without much of a hassle.

Mango Animate WM: The Best Hand Drawing Animation Software

4. MotionBook(iPads, iPhones, Mac)

MotionBook is an iOS app for cartoon character animations. MotionBook allows you to create beautiful cartoon characters using the huge content library and hand-drawn images. These images and characters are later animated using special tools available in the MotionBook. This is available for free to download on Apple App Store but requires purchasing for the use of more modern features. It also has a simple interface that allows users to quickly learn and create beautiful drawing animations.

Image Source: https://searchman.com/ios/app/us/1350671732/en/%E4%BA%AE-%E5%BD%AD/motionbook-draw-and-animate/

5. Synfig Studio(Mac, Windows, and Linux-based PCs)

Synfig Studio is an open-source, free-to-use app created by Robert Quattlebaum and Adrian Bentley. This is a cross-platform app. Synfig Studio uses vector-based drawings, characters and animates them according to your needs. It has a bone system that allows the creation of more realistic-looking animations. It also has more advanced motion control systems that help create a professional-level drawing animation. It is freely available for download on the website of Synfig Studio.

Synfig Studio: Open-source 2D Animation Software

6. Animation Paper(Windows, Mac, and Linux-based devices)

Animation Paper is a drawing animation software that is easy-to-use. This professional-level video-making tool with many modern features helps create perfect videos. Animation Paper also helps you create video animations with speed and accuracy. It is a powerful, fast, efficient, easy, and simple tool for animated video making and is also freely available to download on the official website of Animation Paper. According to the developers, this drawing animation software has the best response time and a huge library of templates.

Animation Paper: Hand-drawn Animation Software

7. PicsArt Animator(iOS, Windows, Android, Tablets )

PicsArt Animator is a cross-platform, multipurpose, drawing animation software developed by the PicsArt team. This drawing animation app is freely available for download and free to use but requires purchasing for the use of advanced features and templates. PicsArt Animator has a large library of templates, characters, themes, and audios that you can use to create effective animation videos. Apart from this, it allows the professionals to work fast and enables the new users to quickly learn the use of the apps.

PicsArt Animator: Free Drawing Animation App

8. Adobe Spark(Any device supported)

Adobe Spark is developed by Adobe. It is an online web-based app that can be used on any device with an internet connection and a browser. Adobe Spark is perfect for professional use to make high-end video animations. It has multiple features that make it a superior choice over other software for drawing animations, such as social animations, web-based access and drawing templates. With the help of Adobe Spark, you can learn to create a perfect drawing animation within minutes. You can also share the work you have done on Adobe Spark with your colleagues, and members of your team through your social media, or your adobe spark account.

Adobe Spark: Perfect Animation Software

9. Animation Desk(iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac)

Animation Desk is a cross-platform and professional video animation maker developed by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. It allows photo animation, vector drawing animation, and the making of vector drawings. It is a small, simple, fast tool for video animation making. Animation Desk is available on the official website of Animation Desk, Playstore, and Apple App Store.

Animation Desk: Professional Animation Maker

10. Stop Motion Studio(Mac, iOS, and Windows)

Stop Motion Studio is a professional movie editing animation software. Stop Motion Studio comes with a lot of advanced animation-making features such as a frame-by-frame editor and digital camera. This software contains dozens of sound effects and music clips for users to use which help create a perfect video animation. It is paid apps that you can buy to use.  

Stop Motion Studio: A Stop Action Movie App


The above are the top 10 best drawing animation tools that actually work. Most of these tools are free to use, but some professional-level editing tools require purchasing. If you are looking forward to making a beautiful drawing animation, or a professional drawing animation, you can choose one of these tools for the best results.

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